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Brant and Trudy Handel
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Welcome to Xanadu Farms, located on the west coast of Canada, in the Fraser Valley.

We have a small "mixed berry" farm, with emphasis on "mixed".  We are not certified organic, but we choose not to spray our berries with chemicals.  We feel that it's important for our friends and family to be able to eat our fruit directly off the bush.  We have chosen not to use propane cannons to protect our berries - instead we use a variety of "psychological" devices to keep birds at bay during the growing season, as we are concerned about being a good neighbour.

Our primary crops are:

Triple Crown Blackberries
Largest, upright canes, early ripening
Ready Mid to late July

Apache Blackberries
Semi Upright, Large berries, Mid season ripening
Ready Mid to late July

Chester Blackberries
Trailing cane, Abundant berries in clusters, mid to late season
Ready August to frost


Chippewa, Blue Crop, Duke, Blue Jay, Blue Gold, Reka, Pink Lemonade, Chandler
Ready Mid July to mid August

Heritage varieties
Ready early July

Saskatoons - Smoky Hybrid
Ready early July

Chokecherries - Garrington Hybrid
Ready early August
Boyesenberries, Loganberries, Youngberries, Dewberries
Small thorns and thornless varieties
Ready early July - delicious and very large 
Honeyberry (Haskap) berries
The earliest berry - from the Arctic
Ready around beginning of July
Mulberry - Illinois Everbearing, White Mulberry, Weeping Mulberry
Ready end of July to end of August
Black Currants
Ready early August
Red Currants
Ready early August - slightly before black currants
Jostaberry and Gooseberry
Ready mid to late July
Ready late August
 Kiwi Fruit Vines
Pawpaw bushes  Brown Fig trees  Jujube Tree

We sell "fresh" berries during the summer, and we sell frozen berries after January 1 each year.  Every year, we sell out.

Our newest product is "Jambelly" - a gourmet product made from our own berries on our farm.  We are currently producing Blackberry and Blueberry jambellies.  It's not quite jam and not quite jelly.  It has all the body of jam, but about 1/10th of the seeds. We put our fruit through a special process that takes a lot of time, but produces a superior, tasty product.  Our jambellies are currently available only through farmer's markets and fairs in our area.






What our clients are saying:

--  "My Blue (Berry) Heaven" is the best jam I have ever had. It looks like jam; however, it tastes like real blue berries or shall I say blue berry heaven ;). I'm officially addicted!"

--  Greetings! Just finished a jar of your seedless blackberry jam/jelly.  Delicious!!  I bought it at the farmer's market a few weeks ago.  Is there anywhere else you sell your jellies?

Other Products - Our Meals in a Jar


If you love them, give them soup - a meal for six in a jar
Add water, and an hour later you have dinner


Cornbread goes so well with the soup - dinner is served.
All the dry ingredients are in the jar - just add the liquids and you can cook your cornbread.



Cranberry and white chocolate cookies in a jar - just add liquids.


Gingerbread is served - just add liquids, cut out shapes and bake.

The rest of the family....

We maintain a herd of llamas and alpacas, although they are our pets rather than farm animals. Our herd is geriatric, and enjoy their life enormously.  Our animals are all gentle and very well mannered, making it a pleasure to work with each animal.  Many of our llamas and alpacas have been shown extensively, and have won multiple awards. 

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Our friends still roam our back field, but we no longer have any animals for sale.






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604 533-3230
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