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16 acres on Goat River Road South, Creston, B.C.
Since my father passed away, my mother has decided to sell their home in the interior of B.C.  Please contact me for details.


Click on the picture to visit Creston.

A scenic, fertile 16 acre parcel fronting on the Goat River, 5 minutes outside of Creston, B.C.

Creston is a burgeoning community known for its fruit orchards and its proximity to Kootenay Lake. This would be an ideal investment, holiday or retirement property.

This land has been used to grow extensive corn crops, a large vegetable garden, and hay crops. The farm was once operated as a small dairy. In recent years the fields have been fallow. The land would be well suited to use as a fruit orchard. Large stands of mature cottonwood trees surround the property.

The property features a 4 bedroom, one bathroom house, with the possibility of a second bedroom and bathroom in the full basement.

A large heated, insulated workshop with a concrete foundation is located behind the house. There are several smaller outbuildings, as well as a cow barn and a loafing shed.

Water is provided by a shallow well, while the garden and crops are watered from a series of dugouts around the property. The well has never gone dry while my parents owned the property (since 1971). The house is on a septic field.

The property is in the ALR and current zoning allows for the addition of a temporary accessory home for farm help or family members.

The front yard is landscaped with large willow trees, silver and red maples, and a japonica rose hedge, and is surrounded by a five foot high chain link fence.

The river frontage is magnificent. In the fall you can watch landlocked salmon on their spawning run up the Goat River in some years, the river was literally red with the spawning fish. In the summer, float down the shallow river in an innertube, or swim in one of the many swimming holes along the back of the property. Or just gp fishing.

This is a satellite image of the Creston area with the farm highlighted in yellow.

Click on the map to the left to see a full size version. The farm is Lot 18  - 16.01 acres.


Here is a closer view of the larger map - Lot 18.


This photo was taken from behind the barn, looking back towards the house.  Beyond the house is the road and the hill above the house.  That's the barn on the left.  The workshop can be seen just in front of the barn.  Another small building is on the right, just before the house.
Here is a photo from the side of my parent's house.  You can see some of the trees in the front yard.  There are two very large weeping willows, a red maple, a mock cherry and a silver maple.  Just in front of the sundeck are a number of spreading cedars.  The front yard is totally fenced with five foot chain link. There is a full upstairs with two bedrooms. 

Downstairs in the basement there is another bedroom, with room for a second to be constructed.  There is an 8 foot wide sliding glass door that leads into the living room from the sundeck.  My parents kept two hummingbird feeders on the sundeck, and they usually had at least 20 hummingbirds at a time. 

This property is in the ALR (Agricultural Land Reserve) so a mobile home could be added for family members or farm help.

This property is located on the Goat River.  The entire back side of the property is on the river, with excellent swimming spots.  In the autumn, landlocked salmon come up the river to spawn.
This is the back of the house.  There is a circular driveway that goes around the house and back out onto the road.  The steps lead up to an enclosed porch with washer and dryer.  A door from that porch leads into the kitchen.  The small porch on the bottom left leads to the basement.  The front of the house has a sundeck with 8 ft wide sliding glass doors.
This shot was taken from the back steps of the house. There is a small building on the left which is good storage.  On the right is the workshop.  In the background is the barn.  There are often deer in the back yard.  Most of the wood on the right hand side is gone now.
This shot was taken from the sundeck in the front yard.  The hedge is a japonic rose, and it is about 30 ft long by 8 ft high.  In the summer, you can smell the roses from the sundeck.
It's late afternoon in this photo and we're looking southeast toward the mountains.  There is a beautiful view out that way.
This is my mother's flowerbed on the west side of the house.  This climbing rose has been there for about twenty years.
These are some of the wildflowers in the meadow.  All the fields are flat and level.  There are a number of large cottonwood trees on the edge of each field.  My parents used to raise a large garden every year, and at one time they had about four acres of corn every year.




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